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The Antica Casa Gotuzzo was built in 1652 but subsequently underwent numerous modifications. For example, the windows facing the sea were walled up in 1921 when rough seas knocked them out; the windows were reopened in the Seventies. And the slate slabs that held the vats used to store oil, wine and grain are still below the street level.

The Gotuzzo family was from Portofino and chose Chiavari and the Scogli district for their shipyards, from which over 120 sailing ships were launched.

The house suffered extensive damage during the Second World War and in 1945 it was completely cleared out by the Germans, who left it roofless. It was rebuilt in 1948, despite the risk posed by heavy seas.

Today the Antica Casa Gotuzzo has completely changed its appearance. After being reconstructed several times, it underwent radical work in 2014 and was elevated slightly. The decorative work was completely redone, as was the sundial facing the sea and depicting the last launching: the Fidente in 1922.

To commemorate the extraordinary maritime history that has been part of this house for centuries, the four apartments open to our guests have been named “IL FIDENTE”, “LA GOLETTA”, “IL BRIGANTINO” and “IL CLIPPER”.

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